Welcome to the Panattoni Park Swindon Community Update

Since March 2021, Panattoni has been developing proposals for Panattoni Park Swindon; a world class logistics and modern manufacturing centre on the former Honda site.

We were delighted that so many residents reviewed our early proposals and provided their feedback. There was strong support for the principle of development, particularly the economic and employment benefits it would deliver.

The team has continued to develop the proposals to take on board your feedback and we are confident that the latest plans respond positively to the site’s surroundings and our neighbours.

Panattoni has now submitted a Hybrid planning application (S/OUT/22/0284) for the site which will secure the development plots, defining in detail the access arrangements, landscaping and drainage strategies. The application also includes the details of a building for the first new occupier.

A recap on the proposals

The proposals have been developed based on the following key principles:


The site will be ‘opened up’, allowing pedestrian, cycle and bus access through the site for the first time, with new connections to the surrounding areas provided at appropriate locations.


The existing ‘North’ and ‘South’ access points will be retained, providing the only vehicular access into the site.

Boundary landscaping

The proposals have been sensitively designed to ensure that wherever possible the existing boundary vegetation, trees and landscaped bunds are retained and enhanced.

Opening up of the culvert

The proposals will see the opening up of the existing culvert. This will deliver a new water course with generous landscaping improving flood resilience and providing an ecologically rich corridor.

Taking on board your feedback

During the consultation activity, residents raised important issues for us to consider. To take on board your feedback, the application includes:

  • A revised parameter plan which provides a significant landscape and ecology zone between existing homes in South Marston and proposed development.
  •  Plans which will help to significantly reduce future flooding in South Marston. The measures include:
    • Opening up the existing culvert to create a riverbed which will retain water on site and slow down runoff.
    • Retaining the existing lagoon and incorporating additional measures to halve the runoff from the lagoon.
    • Sustainable urban drainage systems which return the site to Greenfield run off rates.
  • Safeguarding the highest value ecological areas including the existing lagoon and areas of woodland.
  • New attenuation ponds that will also provide additional ecological areas.
  • Reducing the maximum heights of buildings from 35 metres to 25 metres.
  • Retaining the existing security fence in the area closest to South Marston.
  • A strategic east-west segregated cycling and walking route between the A361 to the west and Highworth Road to the east, providing a link between the site, South Marston and beyond to the New Eastern Villages to the east and the A361 / Highworth Road corridor.
  • A central hub with the potential for rental bikes/electric bikes, escooters, EV charging for cars and car club spaces to support sustainable travel options.
  • Bus stops throughout the site and a bus terminal.
  • The opportunity to deliver a flexible range of employment uses, including storage and distribution, industrial, manufacturing, and light industrial uses (Classes B8, B2 and E(g)(iii)).

Find out more

Swindon Borough Council is now undertaking its own consultation activity. To provide your feedback and view the planning application and accompanying technical studies please visit (link).